Shooting Trap Hire

We have one of the North of England’s largest inventories of automatic shooting traps for hire, with over 70 traps of our own and access to many more. Our stock includes the latest Bowman models (Bowman are recognised as the leading manufacturers of both automatic and manual traps). We have looping traps, ‘rabbit’ traps, oscillators and almost every other style and type of launcher you can think of, to suit almost any of the shooting disciplines you might wish for. Whether you decide to operate the traps yourself or have one of our trained technicians in place to do that for you, you’re free to choose the trajectories and deliveries that give you the best in shooting challenges. All our traps allow you the full range of elevations and even the trap’s tension can usually be changed without use of a spanner.
Our technicians all carry their own insurance cover, so there will be no need to arrange insurance separately if you decide to have one of our staff putting the clays up. Of course, we can also supply any one of a wide range of options for triggering the clays, suitable trap houses, communications equipment, clay targets, a range of cartridge options and almost anything else you might possibly need.

One of the newest additions to our now considerable inventory of modern shooting traps and other equipment is a wireless remote trap control for Simulated Game Shooting. Increasingly popular, this hand-held controller allows the launching of clays that mimic the flights of a selection of birds superbly. Flurry control and preset options mean that the same clay paths can be repeated for different teams or groups of shooters. With a scenic backdrop, such as can be found on some of the fine Yorkshire estates and other shooting locations it is our privilege to work with, Simulated Game Shooting can be an excellent substitute for the real thing and an exciting sports challenge in itself. There can surely be few better or more pleasurable ways to keep your shooting action in order during the close season.

We can provide for one person’s shooting or a thousand – so please just call and tell us what your requirements are.